The Temple of Kuan Yin

Heart Healing Journey

Length: (Intro): 2 minutes; (Practice): 44 minutes

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A portal to awaken the infinite compassion of Mother Goddess Kuan Yin within you. Knowing that any being or deity that we may perceive as external is, in truth, and intrinsic quality of your own divine nature, awaiting patiently within the central Jewel within the Lotus of your Heart. Allow a waterfall of unconditional love and forgiveness to cleanse any pain or blockage in your heart space, as Kuan Yin’s nurturing light envelops you and soothes you into the perfect peace of your eternal innocence, worthiness and wholeness.

“This was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for taking me on this beautiful journey. The visualization was so intense and profound that I experienced an array of physical sensations as I was moving through the phases of the meditation. It was very powerful, yet gentle and extremely soothing at the same time. I also felt the meditation was very well structured, with an appropriate time for each phase, and ample one on one time with Kuan Yin. I loved it and will do this meditation on a regular basis. Thank you!!!!!” - Sophie

“Wow, thank you so much. That was incredible! You have the perfect voice for meditations and the pace was just right too. I zoned out into a trance for almost 2 hours and then slept like a log all night. Just what I needed!!!” – D 

“How beautiful, what a gift. It was sooo just what I needed. Thank you so much. I will be revisiting this place many more times I think.” - Liz

“The Kuan Yin meditation is beautiful and perfect. It’s a different experience each time for me. It is set up so well to bring you deep into heart center. Thank you so much for creating this.” – Efan  

“I went so deep. I had no idea I'd go that deep, but there I was, being so beautifully and fully held by Kuan Yin and sharing all my places of shame and frustration and not enough-ness that she lovingly held for me and accepted me in. Thank you so much.”
 - Pauline