Hi Sister,

I’m Tiffany.

I am an artist, teacher, student... in short, I am your fellow sister on the healing path.  And I whole-heartedly believe that every woman has the capacity to access her inner radiance by reconnecting with and embodying the sacredness of her Yoni.

It has been quite a journey for me to arrive at this knowing…

Through the years, my spiritual path has led me to discover the magic of many modalities such as yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, shamanic healing, and others, all of which have greatly supported me in healing my wounds and connecting deeper to my authentic self.  

However, once I began to open my eyes to the realms of sacred sexuality, it was like an ancient light turned on in my soul and I felt deeply called by the voice of the divine feminine.

As I tuned into the wisdom of the womb, I began to realize how many lies I had been fed about my womanhood - how patriarchy had dug its sneaky claws into my life and led me astray from my heart, my body, and my true power. I noticed how the harmful programming we’ve received as women through media, porn, school systems, religions, etc. around our bodies, our breasts, our yonis, our sex, our blood, etc. etc… was weighing heavily on not only me, but the collective of women (and the world at large.)

It became clear to me that my own feminine healing journey would serve as fuel for my fire to hold and guide other women along their path of re-discovering sacred sexuality. 


For the past several years, I have been immersing myself deeply in the feminine waters, studying and practicing with my teachers, and diving into the light and shadow of my own body. In 2018, I completed my Tao Tantric Arts Facilitator training with Shashi Solluna and Minke de Voss, after which I began offering private women’s healing as well as women’s circles. I am now currently (mid-2022 as I write this) almost complete with my 13-month, 13 Roses Sacred Sexuality Teacher Training with Collette Corcoran, which continues to deeply support me in facing my shadows and stepping into the role of sacred priestess. 


I am here to stand strong with you as a fellow woman, wild, messy, imperfect, on this devotional path of healing. Because now is the time. Patriarchy is coming to its inevitable death.  It’s time for the wild feminine to rebirth - for the sake of all life.


Your very being was created through sex.  Birthed from the womb of your mother, and her from her mother, and on and on through the holy tree of life, all the way to the source of Great Mother Womb / Sophia. There is no separation of sex and spirit.  

To remember this, not only with your mind, but to truly feel it in your body, to shed the shame, to put to rest the wounds of ancestors, to mend the scars of abuse, to purify and restore your inner garden, to love and honor yourself as a temple of Love - this is the gift.


beloved sister, remember,

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