Hi Lovely!

I’m Tiffany.

... and just maybe lost touch with through thousands of years of patriarchal wounding – yeah, I feel you.

Several years ago, when I began to recognize my deeply-rooted sexual blockages and inherited traumas, I set out on a mission to reclaim my turned on, radiant, pleasured self. I dove (and am still diving) into layers of pain, disconnection and shame, and rose (and am still rising – it’s a wild, non-linear journey) like a phoenix from the ashes into the infinite magic & wisdom that eternally rests within my holy heart and womb.

I now feel so much more centered and grounded in myself as a WOMAN and am bubbling with inspiration to share the medicine of the feminine with you, so that you can feel free and at home in your exquisite body temple, aligned with your authentic truth, and living your most abundantly creative, blissfully pleasured, joyously juicy life!

I truly believe that every single woman has the full capacity to unleash her inner radiance by reconnecting with the sacred life force between her thighs and loving herself with a full-powered Fuck Yes.

 And as we each choose to reclaim our authenticity, we compost the pain of our ancestors and sow new seeds to collectively birth Infinite Love (Heaven) on Earth, as a Blessing to All Beings – one yoni(verse) at a time. 

So, sisters, let’s do this.

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Tiffany is certified as a Tao Tantric Arts (Sacred Femininity) Facilitator, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner & Body Therapist, and Yoga Nidra Instructor.

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Feminine Embodiment 

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My Story

If I could journey back in time and tell my 8-year old self that I would grow up to be a Goddess Embodiment Coach, helping women connect with their sacred sexuality… I would have been like, “…huh??” (Especially given that I was the extremely shy, sensitive kid who hid behind my mother and sobbed my way through most group activities.)

Like most of us, I did not grow up with a well-rounded sexual education. Nor was I taught anything about the goddess, female pleasure, womb wisdom or the magical powers of my pussy.  

Instead, I saw depicted through a sex-negative, patriarchal culture that sexuality (the very essence that created us!) is both something to shame and suppress as well as promote and exploit for the sake of profit.  
I learned through religious programming that masturbation is sinful – especially for girls.  

I was taught that a woman’s pleasure comes secondary, and that, based on media and pornography, I should look and sound a certain way if I wanted to be seen as “sexy.”  

Our overall malnourished public education system offered me zero information about how to honor my body, follow my pleasure, listen to my yoni, flow with my cycles, or communicate my boundaries – though it did do it’s best to scare me out of having sex entirely through horrific images of STIs.

Tampon commercials told me that I should always keep going and pushing and achieving… regardless of my womb’s cue to rest, retreat and release. And no wise elders ever initiated me into the mysteries of my moon blood at menarche. Instead, my welcome into womanhood involved me scrambling to find a pad underneath the bathroom sink of my mother's house while my father waited, along with a ‘celebratory’ text exchange of “this sucks,” and “I’m sorry, honey” between me and my mother – apparently, my womb was just something to tolerate. 

Growing up near Los Angeles, I was bombarded with an onslaught of magazines, movie stars, billboards

(…and let’s not forget Barbie dolls) who taught me all the ways that my body should look, all the ways I should dress, all the places of my body I should shave and pluck and straighten and curl – all the things I should and shouldn’t do so that I could be “attractive” and “likeable” and “lady-like” and “not a slut” but also, definitely, god-forbid – “not a prude.”

From my family to my school to my general society, I essentially had no healthy example of sexuality, no reference for the sacred feminine (or the sacred masculine), and absolutely no clue the utter magic that lay dormant within my holy body temple… 

Given this intense overload of false programming, it was no surprise that I felt disconnected to my body and to myself as a woman. I developed a (relatively mild) eating disorder for a time in college, starving and bingeing, obsessing over a disgusting, conditioned ideal of beauty. I remember enjoying the sensation of touching my bones and noticing how thin I was, and it brought me a twisted sort of satisfaction knowing how many hours I had gone without eating. I was mostly in denial of this toxic pattern, trying my best to hide from the deep shame and discomfort I held in my sweet, precious body – as she waited patiently for me to remember how to love her. 

I slowly began to find myself through the practice of yoga.

My mat offered me a home base where I could breathe and feel, sparking the fire of my spiritual path and opening a gateway of self-responsibility, internal connection and self-love. I began to learn about true healthy eating (much different from the low-fat diet fads I had been sold), and started to heal my relationship to my body.

Years later I found my way to the potent wisdom of Ayurveda (ancient Indian medicine) which opened up yet another gateway into my soul’s truth. I entrenched myself in spiritual philosophy, the five elements, the chakras, koshas, dhatus, doshas, constitutionally-appropriate diet, herbs, body therapies and an array of fascinating ancient healing practices (most involving large quantities of oil) – transforming the way I related to my body and gaining an entirely new understanding of how to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.  

However, even with my positive body image, healthy diet, balanced digestion, connection to Earth, and commitment to spiritual practice, something was still missing – I was almost entirely unconscious of the power, pleasure, magic, and beauty awaiting between my thighs…

I wanted to feel free and self-expressed and orgasmic and filled with pleasure… but I honestly had no idea what that meant.  

And, it didn’t seem to make any sense to me – why should I have any issues with my sexuality? I had never been raped or abused… Everything I had experienced sexually was just, normal… right? Or so I thought… What I didn’t realize is that, in many ways, I had been deeply abused…  

It wasn’t until connecting with a partner at the time that I became aware of how disconnected I was to my sexuality. 

I didn’t really feel much pleasure, masturbation brought me shame, and it was incredibly challenging for me to orgasm with a partner. Sex felt like a self-consciousness-filled performance meant to please someone else or to fill me with a sense of being loved. I had no awareness of what I liked, what I wanted, or how to ask for it.

At first, this realization of my sexual blockages felt entirely and utterly daunting – like a huge boulder within me that I had no understanding as to how it had arrived, or how to move it. 

I just. wanted it. gone.

I didn't realize that...

…simply being born into this world at this time, meant that I was carrying deep, ancient, ancestral, cultural sexual wounds deep within my womb and heart.  

…I carried the sexual abuse of my grandmother and my mother (and probably a slew of other ancestors) in my very DNA.  

…being filled with patriarchal societal and religious messages that sexuality is inherently bad, wrong, dirty, and yet something to be exploited and sold, is abuse – is a complete and total violation of my sexual innocence, freedom and truth.  

…all of the unconscious, mostly unfulfilling sex that I had “consented” to over the years was totally misinformed by pornography and overall lack of reverence for feminine. 

…for the most part, I said yes to sex when I really meant no, and that I didn’t even know that I was crossing my own boundaries because I was never taught what boundaries are.  

…my womb held codes of wisdom, my moon blood was a river of rebirth, and that my cyclical nature was a precious gift. 

…my pleasure was for me, and only for me.  

…my sexual energy held the key to unlocking the Pure Joy that is. our. birthright.  

So, I embarked on my most simultaneously challenging and deeply rewarding journey yet – diving headfirst into the endless ocean of the sacred feminine and connecting with the gems of my innermost self…

After spending hours reading about the mysteries of the womb, honoring my menstrual blood, tuning into my sexuality with healing practices and tools like the yoni egg, crafting lunar infused womb-healing oils, and offering Ayurvedic womb healing therapies to clients, I felt the call to go deeper – much deeper.  

In 2018, I traveled to Bali to attend a 5-week intensive teacher training course, called Tao Tantric Arts (aka Sacred Femininity), led by my beautiful teachers, Shashi Solluna and Minke de Voss.     

It was here that I was truly initiated into the realm of the sacred feminine and where I really began to ride the waves of the Goddess – some sweet and gentle, some crashing into my soul with painful ferocity. Yet each wave seemed imbued with an inherent essence of compassionate grace, as I watched myself gradually open into deeper and deeper aspects of my Truth – into the pure, untouchable wisdom of my holy womb and heart.  

I learned and practiced powerful Taoist and Tantric sexual energy cultivation and healing techniques, received guidance in how to host women’s circles / sessions / and retreats, refined my relationship skills, learned about boundaries and the power of consent, laughed and cried in the sacred embrace of true sisterhood, played with the seductive art of veil dancing, shook my body, released layers of trauma, eye gazed, massaged my breasts, sang, cried and laughed some more, practiced chi gong under a full moon, had rose petals and water blessings sprinkled upon my yoni by my sister goddesses, and activated parts of me I didn’t yet know existed (including my inner dominatrix). 

The medicine I received in this incredible container continues to activate wisdom and energy codes within me, and since then, I have journeyed with a variety of uniquely amazing teachers, mentors, and courses, staying deeply committed to my personal practice along this wild, non-linear ride that is the sexual healing and awakening journey.  

A few things I can say about myself now,

(that a younger me could not) - things my body has taught me that inspire me to share this wisdom so that we can all be LIBERATED in these magnificent human temples:

I continue to meet, embrace the dark, wild, messy parts of myself that seem "unlovable."

My commitment to establishing safety, patience and trust within my body allows me to open into more expansive states of pleasure.

I am attuning more and more to the language of my yoni, and I receive clear messages when I am in or out of integrity with her.

I am learning how to stay in honor of what feels truly good for me in each moment, say NO when necessary, and clearly and kindly speak up about my needs and desires.  

I feel tapped into a wellspring of creativity that allows me to birth my heart's offerings into the world. 

I feel a deep and nourishing connection between my yoni and my heart/breasts.

I love my cyclical nature and live as in-harmony as possible with the ebbing and flowing tides of my wise womb.  

I have deep reverence for my moon blood and love using it to anoint and paint my body like a wild warrior goddess. 

I love to revel in the abundant sensual pleasures available in each moment and take time to nurture my body with feminine deliciousness as a daily practice.  

I feel blessed to embody the Temple of Womban. 

I am slowly releasing my worries of what people think of me. 

Sister love,

I share this with you because I know all too well what it feels like to play small and how beautiful it feels to truly shine…

I want to inspire you to be the full version of you. The world wants and needs your all-ness.

When I look back at that shy little child I once was, hiding behind my mother, crying in desperation because I literally could not decide what to eat for lunch because the restaurant was too loud… I feel a deep love in my heart for my sweet inner child and beyond-words-gratitude for the true magic, beauty, and abundant blessings that continue to awaken within me each and every day through the ever-expansive love of the Goddess. 

Now I have no other choice but to share this medicine with wild abandon, as a blessing and a prayer for all women, and all beings, to rediscover the Truth that has been inside of us all along.

Work with me

Tiffany is certified as a Tao Tantric Arts (Sacred Femininity) Facilitator, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner & Body Therapist, and Yoga Nidra Instructor.

Private 1:1 Coaching

Feminine Embodiment 

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