A gift from my womb-heart to yours to support you in creating a relationship of deep love & honor with your Yoni Temple

Yoni Rose 

guided audio

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"Tiffany's guided audio practices hold a vibration that, when you forget or get off track, you can use to get back to that vibration of the Goddess that you are."
- Efan

The Yoni Rose Meditation reminds your whole being of the Truth that...

... that She is the

Sister, our sexual centers have been shamed, criticized, called names, judged, suppressed, exploited and disrespected for thousands of years.

Your Yoni is Sacred Space

Temple of Creation

Creating a conscious, loving connection with our sexual center allows us to gently and slowly open up to the yoni's radiant gifts of

As a result, we often feel pain, tension, numbness, and disconnection.

Love, pleasure, creativity, abundance, wisdom and magic. 

Sacred sexuality is your birthright

This 22 minute guided audio meditation will help you cultivate Divine Mother Love & Compassion within your being, shining rose light blessings upon every part of your Yoni Temple.

It is a beautiful practice for anyone just beginning to cultivate a connection with their yoni or for any woman who desires more Love to flourish within her sacred space.

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