1:1 Womb Healing Session

A sacred ceremony to gently restore your womb to her birthright as the holy rose garden of creativity, power, wisdom, pleasure & Love.

1:1 Womb Healing Session

Come home to your feminine Magic

a safe, sacred space for you to

Be You

Gently restoring your womb-heart to her birthright as the holy rose garden of creativity, power, wisdom, pleasure & Love.

In this 1:1 session, Tiffany will compassionately guide you through an embodied journey to reconnect with your feminine energy and remember what it means to truly love yourself.
Together, we create a powerful portal of safety & truth to attune to the wisdom of your body, the magic of your yoni, the innocence of your inner child, and the radiance of your heart.

Through guided meditation and feminine embodiment techniques, you are supported to release energies no longer serving you,
such as...

sexual trauma
childhood wounds
cultural beliefs & programs
heavy emotions like grief, anger & fear

Online via Zoom

Two hours, $222

One hour, $111


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"Tiffany had a very precious way of making me feel welcomed, not judged, and at ease. Pretty soon I found myself opening up about very intimate subjects. I really appreciate the way she tailored the session to me.'"

what topics can we explore?

This sacred space is open for you to receive deep healing, support & guidance around any topic/challenge/desire related to your body, sexuality, sensuality, yoni, womb, heart, & soul.

Some examples include...

- moon cycle embodiment, menstruation, menopause

- embodying the four Goddess archetypes within you
(maiden, mother, wild woman, crone)

- womb clearing (release stuck energies)

- abortion or miscarriage healing

- nourishing your womb for conscious conception,
pregnancy, postpartum

-  nurturing your inner child, awakening your inner mother

- healing & integrating mother wounds

- cultivating inner safety & grounded self-love

- imbalances of the breasts (physical or emotional)

- imbalances of the yoni/womb (physical or emotional)

- cultivating feminine grace, softness, surrender, receptivity

- embracing your authentic truth, sovereignty, power

and so much more...


“You can't put a price on this kind of personal goddess guidance. When you invest in yourself in this way, what you receive...what Tiffany showed me through presence, love, and embracing my whole being is beyond what you can put a value on in words or numbers. With her entire being, Tiffany created a safe container for me to BE ME fully, it was something I had never truly experienced. If you are desiring a life lived in your sovereignty and you are willing to surrender some things…your heart, body, womb, and soul will thank you 1000 million times infinitely for the blessings Tiffany's guidance bestows upon you. There couldn't be a more beautiful human to be your sister guide on this journey to know yourself more deeply.”

Client Love

13 Deep-Dive Coaching Sessions

Live via Zoom, one 90-minute opening ceremony, 
and twelve 60-minute coaching sessions 

In these sessions, I hold compassionate, unconditionally loving space for you as we move through the old stories, conditioning, blocks and limiting beliefs standing in the way of your true goddess self. We talk it out, breathe it out, feel into the body, and connect to womb-heart wisdom, as you layer by layer remember and reclaim your magnificence. 

3 sessions every 4 weeks (with the fourth week for integration) 17 weeks total


Yum, yum, yum! My heart gets so excited to share these with you because an EPIC ABUNDANCE of Goddess Love, High-Vibe Blessings & Shakti-Powered Wisdom goes into the creation of each one! They will absolutely transform and up-level your relationship to your heart, womb, yoni, pleasure, and entire being.

PLUS! In our private container, as everything is uniquely tailored for your needs, I may create special recordings just for you!  


Guided Audio Practices & Meditations 

Sacred, pussy-blessed, magical healing recordings for you journey with at home

"I didn’t find a strongly effective pathway [...] until I started regularly doing Tiffany’s meditations." 

"Connecting my heart and sex center has been my identified block since I started working with my sexuality about a year ago. Although I knew that was my work and had made attempts to healing that connection, I didn’t find a strongly effective pathway to building that connection until I started regularly doing Tiffany’s meditations."  - Pauline

Always have clear guidance on my favorite, highly-effective sacred feminine tools, techniques and rituals that you can begin implementing into your life with pleasure and ease.  


Juicy Homework-play

Info guides, practices, rituals and how-to's in PDF and video format