Welcome Dear Sister

This is a portal to help you reclaim your yoni-heart wisdom 
& come home to yourself as -

Divinely powerful woman

You were not born here on this Earth to be tame, to play small...

You came here to sing and dance
with wild abandon...
to be free...
to be YOU.

Goddess, your Body is a Temple.
You deserve to feel home in yourself.
To love yourself just as you are.

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Yoni Rose

Guided Meditation 

A gift from my womb-heart to yours to support you in creating a relationship of deep love & honor with your Yoni Temple

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                 do you feel the call to...

Connect with your divine feminine energy?

Dive deep within and cleanse your beautiful heart and sacred yoni temple?

Reclaim your innocence and true authentic expression?

Truly root deep into the Earth and come home to your body - to your power?


I am with you in this journey.

A deeply held, 1:1 container to feel, heal, embody. and alchemize.
A sacred space to support your journey of deep self love, authentic expression, sacred sexuality and divine feminine reclamation. 

Work with Me

Feminine Embodiment

private 1:1 coaching

What Sisters are Saying...



“Tiffany helped me to clear out negative energy I’ve been holding onto from past sexual trauma. It’s rare for me to feel so trusting and safe with anyone so quickly. Tiffany truly gives from her heart and soul, and she exudes enormous compassion!

- Debra

Tiffany's guidance and soothing voice create an unconditionally loving space for me to explore and feel my most vulnerable feelings, deeply connecting with myself, and gently shedding layers of armoring that would be tricky to get underneath otherwise. I now feel a deeper sense of belonging with myself and with the earth. 


“Tiffany invited me on a transformational journey, reconnecting and restoring my womb-heart energy. I experienced an aliveness and sensuality, a humming in my 80-year old bones!” 

- Clairemarut

 “From the moment I started working with Tiffany I couldn’t get over how warm, intuitive, and understanding she was. Tiffany has this bright and kind energy. You feel happy just talking to her!” 

- Kelli

divine feminine meditations

Channeled healing practices to support your journey of 

sexual healing & self love

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