Guided Yoni Egg


Length: 1 hour 8 minutes

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This sacred ritual lovingly guides you from start to finish through a full yoni egg practice, and can serve as a wonderful introduction to and/or deepening of an already-established yoni egg routine.

In this practice, we begin by cultivating an internal foundation of deep peace, safety and unconditional self-love, as well as establishing a heart-centered connection with your crystal egg.

 Incorporating breath, self-massage, and a continual invitation to check in with your own personal ‘yes’ and ‘no,’ this practice offers space to connect deeply with your whole being, as well as explore the wisdom of your yoni and her/your personal boundaries - learning to tune in, listen to and honor your inner compass above all else.  ...Because when you follow your yoni compass, she will lead you to the most exquisite of treasures and pleasures! :) 

 Also note, goddess, that though this practice will guide you to explore a few favorite internal yoni egg exercises, know that they will continue to be available each time you press play, and there is never any pressure. 
Always remembering this golden rule of: insertion only if/when your yoni chooses to receive. 

You will need:  a yoni egg & body-safe (ideally organic) massage oil (ie. coconut, jojoba, sunflower, cocoa butter, etc.)

SEXY BONUS: When you purchase this practice, you will also receive a free download of the Yoni Egg Guidebook! (normally $13)

In this 50-page guidebook you will learn juicy things like:

Origins of the yoni egg
Benefits of a yoni egg practice
How to choose the right egg for you
How to cleanse and care for your egg (both physically & energetically)
External uses of the egg (learn about massage, womb healing, meditation and dreaming with your egg) 
Ways to use your egg internally (learn techniques like loving insertion, yoni egg breathing and yoni egg hip circles)
All the ins-and-outs (pun intended ;p) of removing your egg
How to make sure you strengthen your muscles safely 
When not to insert your yoni egg
Sex with the yoni egg
And more…

“Thank you so much for this Guidebook. It is so much more than I expected! I didn’t read all of it yet, but I can already see that there is so much wisdom and all the answers to my questions and doubts.” – Aleksandra