Cave of SilencE


Length: 38 minutes

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A journey to rest, receive, renew. A haven to descend into the vast & mysterious magic of darkness.  

This practice will guide you to connect with the most shamed (and yet perhaps most powerful) goddess archetype that exists within you: the crone (“crowned one”) – your inner oracle or wise woman. While her energies are most palpable during menstruation, dark moon, and post-menopause, this practice is here to hold you any time you need the rejuvenating medicine of the sacred pause.  

In this journey, your inner crone will guide you along a starlit path into the safety of a crystal-filled cave, where you have nothing to do but breathe and be with the oceanic universe of your womb space. Feeling yourself as Source and bathing in Bliss. Offering yourself the nectar of rest, so that you may re-emerge with the peaceful presence to consciously and easefully Create your Life. 

“Um, this was amazing. It's a powerful Goddess Nidra. I was wrapped deeply into the warm embrace of my crone goddess and fell asleep at the end. She didn't say one word to me, but didn't need to. All is well.” – Efan